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radiology artificial intelligence

Revitalizing Radiology:
A Renewed Focus on Satisfaction & Efficiency

A Cloud-Native, AI-Enhanced Command Center to Empower Radiologists.

Introducing EmpowerSuite


A cloud-based, PACS-integrated platform using AI to consolidate clinical data. Targeting radiologist burnout, EmpowerSuite simplifies interpretation and boosts job satisfaction.


Why NewVue?

Radiologist satisfaction

Radiologist Satisfaction

The cockpit-style UI unifies information for a consolidated view of patient data, diagnostic tools, productivity gamification, and communication in a sleek interface designed to enhance radiologist satisfaction.

Cloud native



NewVue's platform is built from the ground up to be cloud-native, offering seamless integration with PACS and allowing for rapid scalability to accommodate the growing needs of radiology practices.

AI-Enhanced Toolset

NewVue's AI platform offers a toolset that boosts radiologist capabilities. With AI-curated patient summaries and diagnostic algorithms, radiologists make faster, more informed decisions, improving patient outcomes and workflow efficiency

Efficiency Icon

Enhance Efficiency

NewVue elevates efficiency by streamlining workflows, consolidating essential data, and utilizing AI-powered tools to optimize radiologists' performance.

pioneering leadership

Pioneering Leadership

Leveraging peerVue's legacy and years of expertise, NewVue passionately innovates using the latest technology available, delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored for radiologists.

Be Empowered

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