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Revolutionizing Job Satisfaction and Efficency for Radiologists 

Rediscover Well-Being: Eliminate Burnout with NewVue's EmpowerSuite


Introducing EmpowerSuite, a cloud-based AI-workflow orchestration platform that combats radiologist burnout, tackles professional shortages, and elevates job satisfaction. 

  Key Features


Command Center

Unified Radiologist Command Center


AI-Summarized Clinical Info & Timeline


AI-Generated Clinical Insights

Worklist-Free Orchestration

Intelligent Worklist



Intelligent Worklist Orchestration

Peer Learning & Critical Results

Consultation & Finding Follow-up

Radiologist Recognition

Radiologist Achievement & Recognition


Goals Set by Departments & Radiologists


Tracks RVU/Non-RVU Tasks & Interruptions 


Calendar Integration

Be Empowered

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