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NewVue Debuts Revolutionary EmpowerSuite Cloud-Native Radiology Command Center

Tampa, FL, October 19, 2023—Addressing today’s growing radiologist shortage and high-stress culture, NewVue, Inc. unveils EmpowerSuite, a revolutionary PACS-integrated digital radiologist command center that enhances satisfaction and places radiologists back in control of their day. The cloud-native platform uses cutting-edge AI to summarize clinical data and balance radiologists’ reading preferences with workload demand, taking a uniquely radiologist-friendly and holistic approach to radiologist workload and recognition. Going beyond traditional RVU tracking, it recognizes all facets of a radiologist’s contributions, including collaboration, peer learning and more.

NewVue’s EmpowerSuite utilizes AI to centralize and summarize patient data from disparate systems, including output from AI algorithms, and integrates essential clinical, administrative and regulatory workflows such as results follow-up, consultations and peer learning.

NewVue, a pioneering radiology workflow technology company, brings the expertise and innovation of the former peerVue radiology software team to the EmpowerSuite. Acquired by McKesson in 2012, peerVue reinvented radiology regulatory and quality workflows and is now trusted by thousands of radiology providers worldwide.

”Practicing radiologists face overwhelming workloads due to aging patients, production-line-style worklists and the growth of imaging volume,” explains Kyle Lawton, co-founder, NewVue. “The surge in clinical data and tools can be overwhelming. Radiologists have to root around the EHR and other systems to gain clinical context for each patient. The EmpowerSuite resolves this by delivering essential information summarized and tuned to the radiologist’s needs in an intuitive cockpit-like interface, reducing radiologists’ stress and empowering them to focus on what they do best.”

For each patient case, the EmpowerSuite’s unified command center presents radiologists with a simple AI-generated clinical summary and longitudinal timeline, which highlights relevant clinical encounters. Also displayed are AI-suggested clinical considerations, recommended follow-up and case references.

EmpowerSuite’s innovative worklist enables radiologists to set their preferred exam reading modes and then maps out coverage for the entire reading group. The system also enables intelligent balanced assignment of other high priority exams based on such criteria as criticality, SLA and site-specific workflow.

“Recognizing and rewarding radiologist achievements is paramount, especially because they often work in isolation from patients and peers,” says Mike Moore, co-founder, NewVue. “EmpowerSuite's innovative approach not only streamlines radiology workflow but also fosters motivation and peer recognition through personal performance metrics. The platform incorporates gamification elements to enhance job satisfaction, boost productivity and encourage collaboration.”

The platform also offers a full analytics suite that monitors radiologist availability in real time and adjusts accordingly. This enables unparalleled administrative visibility and the ability to manage both recognition for performance and staffing demands in a positive and proactive way.

The EmpowerSuite is poised to redefine and invigorate the radiologist's work experience. “Our commitment to recognizing and rewarding radiologist achievements and enhancing job satisfaction sets us apart,” comments Lawton. “By seamlessly integrating AI and essential workflows and fostering radiologist satisfaction, EmpowerSuite serves as the ultimate radiologist command center.“

About NewVue, Inc.

NewVue, Inc., based in Tampa, is a healthcare technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the practice of radiology. Its flagship product, EmpowerSuite, empowers radiologists by streamlining workflow and recognizing and rewarding achievements, enhancing job satisfaction and patient care. NewVue is committed to addressing the evolving challenges in the healthcare industry with cutting-edge solutions.

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