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NewVue Announces Integration of EmpowerSuite with Mach7 eUnity Viewer

Tampa, FL, November 22, 2023— Radiology workflow innovator NewVue, Inc. announces integration of EmpowerSuite, its pioneering PACS-integrated digital radiology command center, with the Mach7 eUnity universal imaging viewer, the market-leading independent zero-footprint diagnostic viewer.

NewVue EmpowerSuite unifies diverse, time-consuming radiology workflows under a single, easy-to-use cloud-native platform to combat today’s growing radiologist burnout by enhancing efficiency and enabling radiologists to take back their day. It leverages advanced AI to summarize and present radiologists with patient clinical data and redefines the traditional production line worklist by balancing individual reading preferences with a practice’s overall workload. EmpowerSuite also automates time-consuming administrative and regulatory workflows, while enabling imaging sites to recognize a radiologist’s individual contributions to the practice, bolstering radiologist satisfaction and teamwork.

With robust underlying architecture, Mach7 eUnity complements this with an ultra-fast, scalable, full-featured diagnostic image viewing and manipulation experience across disparate image sources. Together the two technologies eliminate frustrating wait times and streamline the reading experience with unprecedented efficiency. With the addition of its Enterprise Data Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), Mach7 enables cross-department, cross-enterprise clinical image archiving, management and viewing, keeping imaging sites poised for the future.

“Enabling radiologists to remain focused on image interpretation--what they do best--and catering to exam preference is key to enhancing productivity and preventing burnout,” comments Kyle Lawton, NewVue co-founder. “Today, imaging specialists are burdened with rapidly escalating exam volumes, patient data and regulatory and administrative demands. With judicious use of AI and other innovative technology, NewVue dramatically improves the radiologist’s reading experience. At the same time, Mach7’s leadership in anytime, anywhere zero-footprint image viewing provides the flexibility radiologists want, while its speed eliminates frustrating wait times.”

Lawton points out that analyzing and unifying relevant information and centralizing control is essential to keep the wheels of radiology turning, while eliminating a production line-like work environment. EmpowerSuite’s revolutionary worklist-lite feature helps accomplish this. It enables radiologists to select preconfigured or custom exam modes that range from Burnout Mitigation, restricting reading to a radiologist’s preferred exam types, to Throughput Mode with an initial intense exam flow that eases over time. Additional modes enable reading of exams outside of a radiologist’s preference, which an imaging site may choose to recognize and reward to enhance teamwork and loyalty.

Along with this, EmpowerSuite incorporates management and tracking of peer review, peer learning, follow up management, consultation and more. Its analytics suite monitors radiologist availability in real time, giving managers the visibility to address staffing demands and recognize performance in real time.

About NewVue, Inc.

NewVue, Inc., based in Tampa, is a healthcare technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the practice of radiology. Its flagship product, EmpowerSuite, empowers radiologists by streamlining workflow and recognizing and rewarding achievements, enhancing job satisfaction and patient care. NewVue is committed to addressing the evolving challenges in the healthcare industry with cutting-edge solutions. Visit:

About Mach7 Technologies

Mach7 Technologies (ASX:M7T) is a medical imaging technology provider that develops innovative data management and image viewing solutions for healthcare organizations. Its core offering is the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Solution (EIS), a next-generation platform built for the future of healthcare, comprised of a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), eUnity Enterprise Diagnostic Viewer, and Diagnostic Workflow Applications. Designed to maximize flexibility and scalability, Mach7 gives customers the independence to deploy a full enterprise solution or individual components. Mach7 serves a global network of customers, ranging from expansive IDNs and National Health Systems to small, independent provider groups and private radiology practices. Visit for more information.

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